01. In some cities in the developing world, at least 30% of the population live in either illegal settlements with little or no [infrastructure], or in overcrowded areas.
02. Despite its high economic growth rate, Laos remains a country with a primitive [infrastructure]; it has no railroads, a simple road system, and limited external and internal telecommunications.
03. [Infrastructure] improvements will enhance safety for both cyclists and pedestrians in the region.
04. Supportive [infrastructure] like new bridges and signalized crossings are necessary to make the recreational trail safe for all users.
05. The government's new budget has set aside funds for [infrastructure] improvements in rural communities.
06. The country's poor transportation [infrastructure] is hindering development of the export industry.
07. The mineral resources of Mali remain largely unexploited due to limitations caused by the country's poor [infrastructure].
08. Many [infrastructure] projects planned for the country had to be canceled due to the decline in financial markets.
09. Manufacturing industries in Serbia are generally found in the north, which benefits from a long-established [infrastructure], a large consumer market, and a well-developed labor force.
10. The transportation [infrastructure] in the country needs to be developed to accommodate the increase in tourism.
11. Despite Iraq's enormous oil reserves, money from the sale of Iraqi oil cannot cover the costs of rebuilding the country's power plants, bridges and other vital [infrastructure] after a war with the U.S.
12. The [infrastructure] of the country, including the communications and transportation systems, was seriously damaged by the earthquake.
13. The government has taken steps to protect the country's vital [infrastructure] from terrorist attacks.
14. Stephen Wolfe once remarked, "It's scary to think that the [infrastructure] of the industrialized world is increasingly based on software like this."
15. Both the civilian [infrastructure] and the military [infrastructure] of the country were devastated during the war.
16. Construction-related investment in Korea has grown with government support through [infrastructure] expansion projects, such as railways, roadways, marine ports and airports.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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